Welcome to Recycling Solutions, where we transform the natural into the novel. Specializing in eco-friendly recycling, we accept trees, stumps, and brush for a minimal tipping fee of just $12 per yard. Our process is as green as our mission: we grind all the wood, infuse it with vibrant, environmentally safe dyes, and repurpose it into high-quality, dyed bark mulch. Ideal for landscaping and gardening, our mulch not only enhances the beauty of outdoor spaces but also embodies our commitment to sustainability. Choose Recycling Solutions for a greener tomorrow.


Primary Grind

Wood products dumped in our recycling yard and are separated by grade and product. Once our wood products are segregated, our team then begins its Primary Grind, which leaves us with a 5”-6” mulch.

Dyeing Process

At Recycling Solutions, our innovative dyeing process begins with grinding the collected wood to a uniform 6-inch size. This initial step prepares the wood for optimal dye absorption. Next, we meticulously apply our Advanced Colorfast Powder, a key element in our eco-friendly dyeing technique. The art of this process lies in carefully monitoring the moisture content of the wood; achieving the perfect balance is crucial, as wood that is either too wet or too dry will not yield the desired results. Once the dye has been evenly applied, we proceed to the final grinding phase, reducing the wood to a 1 1/2-inch size. This final size is not just a detail—it’s what makes our dyed bark mulch ideally suited for a variety of landscaping and gardening applications, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and environmental sustainability.


Mulch is available in the following colors: Black, Red, Pine and Hemlock.