Recycling Solutions

Specializing in eco-friendly recycling, we accept trees, stumps, and brush for a minimal tipping fee of just $12 per yard. Our process is as green as our mission: we grind all the wood, infuse it with vibrant, environmentally safe dyes, and repurpose it into high-quality, dyed bark mulch. Ideal for landscaping and gardening, our mulch not only enhances the beauty of outdoor spaces but also embodies our commitment to sustainability. Choose Recycling Solutions for a greener tomorrow.

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Utility Work

DiGregorio Corporation has vast experience with all types of utility construction work. Our qualified professional team and equipment can safely complete any utility project cost effectively and on schedule. Our expert staff has the capability to install the following utility services:

• Underground Electric / Fiber optic / Site Lighting
• Sewer Pipeline / Pumping stations
• Water Transmission Pipeline
• Water Supply
• Storm water Pipeline / Storm water Management Systems
• Process Piping

Site Development

Our site development division focuses on all aspects of the preparation of land for new construction or renovation. DiGregorio Corporation enjoys an extensive fleet of equipment to compliment its trained site development staff. Our services include:

• Clearing & Grubbing
• Demolition
• Earth Moving
• Stumping
• Grading
• Utility Work
• Sewer Lines
• Water Mains
• Drainage Lines
• Street Lighting
• Landscaping & Fencing
• Concrete Walls and Foundations
• Paving & Roadway
• Surveying, Permitting & Design Build Capabilities

Landfill Construction

DiGregorio Corporation is equipped to handle the specialized needs that arise in landfill construction work. Our landfill expertise has been utilized in sites throughout New England. Services include:

• Baseliner Construction
• Grading & Soil Preparation
• Remediation
• Capping
• Lechate System Installations
• Closures
• Soil Stabilization